Replacement Car keys

Its not uncommon to need a replacement car keys, people lose them all the time and sometimes they simply want a spare. When buying a second-hand car you may only get one key and want spare keys just in case. Using latest technology, we can copy your current car keys for a cost lower than your main dealer.

Introduction to your car keys

Your car keys are cut by either a computer code, unique pattern or to the locks. In 1995 coded transponder chips were embedded into car keys’ plastic body. The chip itself is passive, so does not need a battery. A unique code within the car’s ECU (engine management) matches a code held in the key to allow it to start. If the chip is damaged or missing, then your car will not start.

How we can help with replacement car keys

We hold blank keys to suit most vehicles. If you have concerns with your car’s security, it is no problem to change the locks and car keys appropriately to a different combination, ensuring security. This means that misplaced or stolen car keys are rendered useless for anyone else holding them as they won’t be able to get in the car with them due to the old coding.

We can fix broken, damaged or missing transponder keys and appropriately re-programme the car’s immobiliser and ECU to accept a new unique code. This is the same service as your main dealer, but with the benefit of being less time consuming and less expensive too.

Vehicles covered

Although there are differences in vehicle manufacturer’s keys, we are able to to replace keys and transponders for most makes, including:

  • Alfa Romeo car keys.
  • Citroen car key.
  • Daewoo car keys.
  • Fiat car keys.
  • Ford car keys.
  • Honda car keys.
  • Hyundai car keys.
  • Jaguar car keys.
  • Jeep car keys.
  • Kia car keys.
  • Land Rover car keys.
  • Mazda car keys.
  • Mercedes-Benz car keys.
  • Mitsubishi car keys.
  • Nissan car keys.
  • Peugeot car keys.
  • Porsche car keys.
  • Rangerover car keys.
  • Renault car keys.
  • Rover car keys.
  • Saab car keys.
  • Skoda car keys.
  • Subaru car keys.
  • Suzuki car keys.
  • Toyota car keys.
  • Vauxhall car keys.
  • Volvo car keys.
  • Volkswagen (VW) car keys.

Please phone us for other makes, including vans. For a quick and reliable replacement car key service at competitive rates, call us on 01326 376338.

Approved by the AA and used by many Rac Patrols.