Lost Mercedes Keys in Camborne

Mercedes Keys

Lost Mercedes keys used to result in a trip to Mercedes, but not anymore.

Over the last couple of years we have invested heavily in software and hardware to allow us to deal with lost Mercedes car keys but also to be able to supply spare mercedes car keys.

Recently we delt with a  Mercedes SL55 with lost keys in Camborne, the customer had phoned several other local auto locksmiths but none were able to assist, and Mercedes needed the vehicle to be recovered to them before they would even order the replacement key.

How we did it!

The battery was flat on the vehicle so we had to make a  mechanical blade by picking and decoding the door which does no damage to lock or car. This allowed us to gain access to the boot area to charge the battery.

We then removed the EIS (electronic igniton switch) this switch contains all the data for each key allocated to the vehicle, to able to generate the correct data for the Mercedes keys we needed to extract the data using a special programmer.

Once the data has been extracted we load the file to specially developed mercedes key software this software generates the secret passwords and data for each key slot in the vehicle. We are then able to write this key data to a new virgin mercedes key, then using a specially designed bench rig we test the new mercedes car key for correct operation before refitting the Eis module back to the vehicle.

After everything was back on we test the new key and of course it works! Happy customer!

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